Update on Myself

So everybody probably knows that I try to keep this blog reasonably professional and thats why my posting can be a bit scattered I try to get a few posts up each week but sometimes I have trouble getting into the right head frame. Whilst Im always thinking in Marketing and Advertising terms sometimes its a bit difficult to get my thoughts onto a page but im really trying my best because this blog and the writing is great practice for me and keeps my writing skills honed. So thanks for the patience everybody.

Mighty Marvel Marketing #2

So this week we travel though time from the amazing 80s right up to now.


Last week Marvel put out multiple comics that containted an extra in the back that was the first issue of one of the recently launched all new Marvel Now titles. the one I have pictured is Black Widow #1 which was in the back of Superior Spider-Man #30.


This Idea is an old one but a good one, supply something to someone for free in the hope that they will enjoy it and go out and buy more. The books that were given away I would assume are series that are currently under performing in the sales department. Im not to sure about how  the series they were  supplied in were selected but im not sure that black widow worked well within Superior Spider-Man, Im a long time reader of Spider-Man and even though I got this free issue in the back I didnt even read it because it did not interest me. Maybe the series that were to carry the free book could have been chosen to fit the target audience of Black widow better. Im not too sure on the stratergy but to me it seems as they chose audiences that were less likely to pick Black Widow up in the first place and not a more likely audience in an attempt to expose it to a larger audience. All New Invaders #1 was also released for free inside Avengers #27 this one I feel was targeted better as there are similar characters that run through and they are both team books so this one was selected to carry the free issue on a more safe basis. In the end I think this is a good strategy to use it gives their readers something new to try for free and exposes different audiences to new content.

Mighty Marvel Marketing


During the 1980′s Marvel decided to create a new universe which was released in 1986. This universe was characterised by The White Event which is pictured above. Whilst the new universe didn’t last very long little did marvel know that the concept would be picked up by writer Jonathan Hickman and made a central part of his Avengers story 27 years later.

But enough about the comic book history behind this, i wanted to talk about this specific Ad. This one sheet ad is something I have seen in a few of the 1980s back issues that I own and man do I love it. It’s a simple Ad depicting a massive plot point for the story as well as enticing the reader with the copy at the bottom. the tag line ‘Beyond the edge of your imagination begins a…. new universe’ is just so comic book style you have got to love it, it just oozes that comic book hyperbole that i find so appealing. And the use of the white event as the key image I think was a great choice this massive bolt of what looks like energy or light hitting the earth must have had the readers thinking okay what is this I want to find out more. The use of colour is also interesting as it sticks to a three colour pallet Pink, White and Black. The stark bolt of pink stands out from the background of solid black which really catches the readers eye as they turn the page. Whilst this series might have been a short lived one this ad is still one of my favourite comic book ads ever.