SWOT analysis

1. Dream Job/career

my dream Job would be to work in entertainment marketing. Ultimatly I would love to work at Marvel entertainment.

2. What strengths I already have in this area

My current Marketing and film and TV studies. I have experience as the marketing manager of a TV show named OddNods that was to screen on 31Digital. I also work with a small local start up production company and will be working in the marketing part of that.

3. What am I weak in that I need to work on to get my dream job

I need to get further experience in the marketing field as well as getting myself fully motivated and out of my house doing stuff.

4. What opportunities are there for me to be well prepared when I graduate for my dream career? [Besides uni, is there work experience I could do; is there a parallel industry I could first work in that might help you get in “the back door”; is my dream job an area that is seeking young “digital natives”? etc etc]

Internships in marketing as well as continued work with the production company I am part of now. Having worked in TV as well as part of a production crew has given me experience in the creative side that I also enjoy about entertainment.

5. What is the biggest threat for you in getting your dream career? [A shrinking journalism industry; not enough experience yet; competition for graduate roles etc etc.]

The fact that there is not much entertainment marketing in Australia and most of the Jobs are in America.


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