So James Spader has been Cast as Ultron for the second Avengers film I have no real problem with this and really it seems neither does anyone else. Bleeding cool have even put up a story about the lack of outrage surrounding the casting its as if Batflecks casting just sucked all the tension out of the room. I herd briefly about the casting through Variety magazine which only mentioned him being cast as a villain but not specifically Ultron but then The hollywood reporter story and bleeding cool confirmed for me that it was Ultron that he was too be playing and through all this everything seems pretty positive and calm from everyone.


Days of Future Past


So the marketing campaign for X-men: Days of Future Past has been really heating up over the past few months, with a lot of low key simple posters that I have been really liking, as well as what is now bustling with content the Trask Industries website. The Trask Industries website is something that has been put together for more hardcore Marvel and X-men fans It doesnt require any previous knowledge to navigate but is full of content that any readers of the comics will really enjoy. Such as stats on the Sentinal program and mutant detection devices theres a lot more but I’ll leave you to discover it for yourself.

All this transmedia has been done really well and is a great worldbuilding tool for the X-men universe that Fox has created. This type of content really appeals to a fan like me that is invested in this universe on the page and on the big screen, so its good to see that Fox has really looked into their target audience properly and identified the opportunities that digital transmedia content gives them to create a buzz leading into the film.

Why I Chose This Theme

The main reason that I chose this particular theme Is that it has a Header Image that can be easily changeable over time, The reason I wanted this feature in particular is because I am a visual person in nature and find that images can convey much more than text. This Theme also has a very simple header title and background which is something I also find appealing as it doesnt contain any clutter that distracts the eye.

The layout of the theme is also very central the immediacy of the Header image catches the readers eye and brings them down to the posts below. The header title is close to the top left hand corner of the page which is where the reader begins to view the blog and so catches their attention.