All-New Marvel NOW


After the successful implementation of Marvel NOW last year Marvel are now going to give us a Marvel NOW 2….kinda, its called All-New Marvel NOW and was announced by USA Today and will kick off December 24 with Avengers issue 24.NOW a new take on the point one initiative, this issue will act as a jumping on point for a new avengers story. Continuing his writing duties will be  Jonathan Hickman and on art will be Esad Ribic who is great if you want to see some of his work check out the first 10 issues of ‘Thor God of Thunder’. along with the Point Now issues All-New Marvel NOW will bring fourth new ongoing books such as All New Invaders (pictured above) and the new Inhuman book that Matt Fraction is writting. USA today also says to expect Black widow and Silver Surfer to get their own books as well. Something that I think is a brilliant idea is that some of the NOW issues will contain digital codes for the first collection of issues so fans can be brought upto speed, its a little vague but the way i understand it is that the digital codes will be in issues of the Point NOW books and will be for previous issues of that ongoing series.




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