Since Agents of Shield is now two episodes in to the season and we here in Australia got both lasst night I thought I would give a few of my opinions. First of all I feel like it is lacking a bit I have no problem with a procedural show so Im alright with the formula the biggest problems that the show is carrying is the fact that the props and sets do at times look fake and the shows casting is lacking a bit. whilst Clark Gregg is great as Coulson the other characters at times dont bond to well, Im enjoying Fizs & Simmons and its obvious they are trying to set up the tried and true Whedon formula and it does come through at a few points, but at times the other characters just dont jell well enough.

I thought Samuel Jacksons cameo was a very good idea although his rage over a plane with a hole in it seemed a bit over the top seeing as SHIELD has a Helicarrier. Cobie Smoulders part was a little better here than in the Avengers in my opinion seeing as Im not a big fan of the Maria Hill character in general so at least she got me liking her a bit more here.

So all in all I think Shield deffiently could have been better I always make the comparison of Fringe vs Wharehouse 13 this is deffinetly more on the Wharehouse 13 side of the scale of these types of shows so lets just hope it can move over a bit more to the Fringe side if not its still good just not as good as it could have been.

on a side note if you would like to check out the Safety Pamphlet from episode 2 Marvel has one you can see just click here


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