Fonts and Colours

The two fonts That I have chosen are Myriad Pro for Headings and Archer for text within posts.

Myriad Pro is a Humanist Font the reason I have chosen this is because iit is distinctly modern and yet not plain as it is derived from handwriting as Mayer (2010) states “Humanist font generally have more detail, less consistency, and frequently involve thinner and thicker stoke weights — after all they come from our handwriting, which is something individuated.” this more individual look is something I find appealing for my Brand to distinguish my headings.

the reason I have chosen Archer as my font for my body text is because it is a slab serif which are easy to read when there is long hauls of text. Archer is seen as a lighter more friendlier font (Mayer, 2010). Mayer (2010) states that “Slab Serifs are hard to generalize about as a group, but their distinctive blocky serifs function something like a pair of horn-rimmed glasses: they add a distinctive wrinkle to anything”

The colours I have chosen are Red, Yellow and Blue. I used a Triadic scheme to determine which colours I should use to include with Red or blue due to my name referenceing Spider-Man I had to include at least one of those two colours in my scheme this way I can use both. The picture below show a triadic scheme the The red yellow and blue on that would be the colours I use.

Mayer, dan. 2010. “”What Font Should I Use?”: Five principles for choosing and using typefaces.” accessed 7 october 2013.


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