Comic Haul #7

Back with another comic book haul, lots of silver age goodness and a recommendation for a book everyone should be reading.


Mainstream Comic Book Tag Video

Hey Everybody I forgot to post this the other day when I uploaded it. but heres my Mainstream Comic Book tag video, So essentially Im answering a set amount of questions about my collecting habits and so forth. This is the First time that I am on camera for one of these and I apologise for looking to the right most of the time I was watching the camera screen and didnt realise.

Guardians Poster

guardians of the galaxy poster

So the Guardians have a new poster and its a little different to the other marketing materials currently released for the film but hey theres nothing wrong with a bit of change, whilst I think it doesnt hold the as well as the line up photo does I think this poster does its job to show the team off as a team in uniform and jeez you cant not love the tag line ‘You’re Welcome’ bringing the attitude of the Guardians for everyone to see.

New Guardians Photos

So we have three new stills from the Guardians fo the Galaxy movie to tide us over until the trailer is released Feburary 18th American time I dunno its Feb 18th here and nothing yet so I guess for me its more like Feb 19th, but anyways this movie jeez this movie is gonna be big I dont wana get over excited but I am. I am just soooooo keen for this. Also nice photos giving us an overall team, some nice effects based world building with the ship and then a close up of the main character.