Advertisements For Advertisements

So as everyone has probably already noticed, among other companies Marvel and Sony have released teaser trailers for their up and coming Superbowl TV spots for new films Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Captain America 2. Whilst its cool to see some new footage as short as they, are its just an interesting concept to me releaseing a teaser trailer for an advertisement, whilst that is the entire point of a teaser trailer it still feels funny. But really I have no problems with this strategy as the companies have just alerted to their target audiences that yes we will be having superbowl trailers and instead of doing that with a press release have shown a bit of footage and used it to further hype their new trailer with a feeling of anticipation, and instil a bit of the good old ‘I need to see more’ attitude. and just for good measure bellow I have put in the two trailers in question.



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