Valar Morghulis – Game of Thrones Has a Second Trailer

A nice new trailer Has just arrived for Game of Thrones season four. Im sure HBO has probably screened this on TV already but I only have Youtube for these because of living In Australia but off that. This trailer is a good little addition in my opinion it gives us some more new footage whilst keeping in some of the old. As a follow up too the 14 minute preview I think its done its job and one of those was definetly too Show how big Drogon (the big black dragon) has gotten, as a well as to show off Oberyn Martell as well. The closing was also very interesting as I really was not expecting Cold Hands to be actually included in the series, at least im pretty sure thats who it is judging by the live horse he is riding. still not as good as past trailers I think for me its got to be the more toned down music thats making them feel not as good but it deffinetly suits its title of Vengance with the explination of Arya’s prayer and the lack of justice taking big parts. ahh I still cant wait for this its starting in April so get to your reading or rewatching or catching up if you need people because this is going to be the best season yet.


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