Guardians of the Galaxy Poster

So a New Guardians of the Galaxy poster landed over the last few  days and I’ve got to say that I do like it, It is very Star Warsy definetly borrows off A New Hopes poster and all the posters of that like but its done well enough that it still makes a good impression.



Days of Future Past UK Trailer #2

So Fox has given us the second UK trailer for Days of future past, This trailer gives away much more of the plot its almost like a synopsis of the film to explain to the audience here we are this is the movie this is what you are going to see, of course leaving out finer points and any twists. But I think this trailer is definetly good and shows much more of the characters and what interactions we are going to see so im excited for this movie.

Over saturation

With the steady stream of clips and photos that the Amazing Spider-man two has been pumping out its got me thinking Is this all just too much. I myself was excited for the first trailer and definetly enjoyed my first view of the new film but as expected the trailers didnt stop there, with photos and clips and trailer apon trailer I gave up I stoped viewing them it was just too much. This over saturation of the content has really turned me off this film and thats a big deal I am a massive Spider-man fan he is my favourite Superhero but this constant stream of marketing content has really turned me off, let alone the fact that the film is pushing the idea of the three present villains which as we all know is an over saturation and something that has been a failure before.  thankfully director Mark Webb has commented that Rhino only appears in the film for a very short period, giving me a bit of a confidence boost. But really the marketing tactic of constantly pushing all three villains is in my opinion the wrong strategy there should have been a strong focus on Electro who plays the central villain and only lightly touch on the others. I know I have not seen the film yet but I think this strategy would have put long term fans minds at ease. Im still looking forward to the film but this marketing strategy has definetly lowered my expectations.

Guardians Poster

guardians of the galaxy poster

So the Guardians have a new poster and its a little different to the other marketing materials currently released for the film but hey theres nothing wrong with a bit of change, whilst I think it doesnt hold the as well as the line up photo does I think this poster does its job to show the team off as a team in uniform and jeez you cant not love the tag line ‘You’re Welcome’ bringing the attitude of the Guardians for everyone to see.