Hey everyone so I have been super absent as of late I know, but this is because I secured myself an Internship last week at an online music school its called School of Music Online (SOMO). So far we are working on getting a Kickstarter campaign up and running by the end of this week to raise funds for some new equipment thats needed to grow over the next few month before a new product is launched in July. The new product will be a second certified online course that will involve learning, completing challenges and then unlocking and playing a game. Anyone can subscribe to the service and learn, currently on the website the  first piano certificate is available. Ill probably post up the Kickstarter information once its up and running but for the moment everyone should head to the SOMO Facebook like the page and check out all the free lessons they currently have up on Youtube and start your musical journey.



Update on Myself

So everybody probably knows that I try to keep this blog reasonably professional and thats why my posting can be a bit scattered I try to get a few posts up each week but sometimes I have trouble getting into the right head frame. Whilst Im always thinking in Marketing and Advertising terms sometimes its a bit difficult to get my thoughts onto a page but im really trying my best because this blog and the writing is great practice for me and keeps my writing skills honed. So thanks for the patience everybody.

Fonts and Colours

The two fonts That I have chosen are Myriad Pro for Headings and Archer for text within posts.

Myriad Pro is a Humanist Font the reason I have chosen this is because iit is distinctly modern and yet not plain as it is derived from handwriting as Mayer (2010) states “Humanist font generally have more detail, less consistency, and frequently involve thinner and thicker stoke weights — after all they come from our handwriting, which is something individuated.” this more individual look is something I find appealing for my Brand to distinguish my headings.

the reason I have chosen Archer as my font for my body text is because it is a slab serif which are easy to read when there is long hauls of text. Archer is seen as a lighter more friendlier font (Mayer, 2010). Mayer (2010) states that “Slab Serifs are hard to generalize about as a group, but their distinctive blocky serifs function something like a pair of horn-rimmed glasses: they add a distinctive wrinkle to anything”

The colours I have chosen are Red, Yellow and Blue. I used a Triadic scheme to determine which colours I should use to include with Red or blue due to my name referenceing Spider-Man I had to include at least one of those two colours in my scheme this way I can use both. The picture below show a triadic scheme the The red yellow and blue on that would be the colours I use.

Mayer, dan. 2010. “”What Font Should I Use?”: Five principles for choosing and using typefaces.” accessed 7 october 2013.

New Page

I just created a new page dedicated to a video that I have viewed multiple times. The video documents the ARG and Buzz markeitng campaign that was run for the Dark Knight. This video and the campaign overall is very important to me as it is one of the reasons I fell in love with marketing in the first place, it demonstrated the power marketing has to get people involved and engaged with a product especially an entertainment product that they love. To check out the video just click on the tab at the top of the page or right here

And just for a bit of fun

TV Trends

Up in my tabs I have created a tab dedicated to an assignment that I undertook this semester for entertainment marketing it is an industry anaysis of the Televsion industry through the current trends present in the market place, as well as an audience analysis through the trends that effect the television audience currently in the industry.  I have posted this to demonstrate my knowledge of the current Television industry to future employers.

Why I Chose This Theme

The main reason that I chose this particular theme Is that it has a Header Image that can be easily changeable over time, The reason I wanted this feature in particular is because I am a visual person in nature and find that images can convey much more than text. This Theme also has a very simple header title and background which is something I also find appealing as it doesnt contain any clutter that distracts the eye.

The layout of the theme is also very central the immediacy of the Header image catches the readers eye and brings them down to the posts below. The header title is close to the top left hand corner of the page which is where the reader begins to view the blog and so catches their attention.

SWOT analysis

1. Dream Job/career

my dream Job would be to work in entertainment marketing. Ultimatly I would love to work at Marvel entertainment.

2. What strengths I already have in this area

My current Marketing and film and TV studies. I have experience as the marketing manager of a TV show named OddNods that was to screen on 31Digital. I also work with a small local start up production company and will be working in the marketing part of that.

3. What am I weak in that I need to work on to get my dream job

I need to get further experience in the marketing field as well as getting myself fully motivated and out of my house doing stuff.

4. What opportunities are there for me to be well prepared when I graduate for my dream career? [Besides uni, is there work experience I could do; is there a parallel industry I could first work in that might help you get in “the back door”; is my dream job an area that is seeking young “digital natives”? etc etc]

Internships in marketing as well as continued work with the production company I am part of now. Having worked in TV as well as part of a production crew has given me experience in the creative side that I also enjoy about entertainment.

5. What is the biggest threat for you in getting your dream career? [A shrinking journalism industry; not enough experience yet; competition for graduate roles etc etc.]

The fact that there is not much entertainment marketing in Australia and most of the Jobs are in America.