Changing the tune.


In the stage of cryptic music lyrics such as “yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards”, it becomes hard to pinpoint where exactly the creativity, and the education of music became lost.

We are bringing it back.

Yes, we are.


I repeat, we, are bringing it back. Not the woman telling you that you look fab in that shirt. Not the man (gorgeous and hilarious as he may be) serving you coffee (well, actually maybe him). You and I and the team at the School of Music Online (SOMO).

Launching July 1st, we are bringing to you a creative, educational fully integrated learning module system where we can learn instrumental piano or violin.

Launching July 1st, SOMO is integrating an online syllabus, with quality teaching and an online examination board.

Launching July 1st, we are bringing…

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Mighty Marvel Marketing


During the 1980’s Marvel decided to create a new universe which was released in 1986. This universe was characterised by The White Event which is pictured above. Whilst the new universe didn’t last very long little did marvel know that the concept would be picked up by writer Jonathan Hickman and made a central part of his Avengers story 27 years later.

But enough about the comic book history behind this, i wanted to talk about this specific Ad. This one sheet ad is something I have seen in a few of the 1980s back issues that I own and man do I love it. It’s a simple Ad depicting a massive plot point for the story as well as enticing the reader with the copy at the bottom. the tag line ‘Beyond the edge of your imagination begins a…. new universe’ is just so comic book style you have got to love it, it just oozes that comic book hyperbole that i find so appealing. And the use of the white event as the key image I think was a great choice this massive bolt of what looks like energy or light hitting the earth must have had the readers thinking okay what is this I want to find out more. The use of colour is also interesting as it sticks to a three colour pallet Pink, White and Black. The stark bolt of pink stands out from the background of solid black which really catches the readers eye as they turn the page. Whilst this series might have been a short lived one this ad is still one of my favourite comic book ads ever.

Review: The Avengers Take to the Stars in Hickman’s Infinity Saga

A great review of Marvels Infinity event which I very much enjoyed both the review and the event.


Helmed by writer Jonathan Hickman, Infinity is the expansive event from Marvel Comics that saw the return of Thanos, the Mad Titan, to Earth. This six-issue series, penciled by rotating artists Jerome Opena, Dustin Weaver and Jim Cheung, is the culmination of three plotlines spanning several titles. The first plotline is the arrival of the Builders, which is the focus of Hickman’s Avengers, a highly-evolved species destroying every life-sustaining planet in their march toward Earth. The second is the wave of mysterious illnesses plaguing the galaxy, as teased in New Avengers and Nova. The third is the political ramifications of these events on the intergalactic community, which Guardians of the Galaxy deals with directly. Alternate perspectives of the event could also be seen in the pages of Avengers Assemble, Thunderbolts, and numerous other tie-ins.

All of these seemingly separate threads come together in Infinity, in…

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