SOMO Kickstarter

Hey everybody SOMO has its kickstarter up and running! the product that will be released is going to be awesome and a great asset for everyone out there that wants to learn an instrument but doesnt have the time or money for lessons, as well as being a great companion and resource when learning from a teacher. So if you are interested check out the Kickstarter and help us get this great product out there to everyone.







Comic Books Should Be Advertised

Bleeding cool just ran an article by Joe Mulvey about advertising comic books and everyone needs to read it im placing the link bellow


I completely agree with Joe’s points and believe that more could be done to advertise and market the medium. when I was last in America I opened a geek magazine about technology, I think it was called Geek im not sure, but anyway I was stunned to see the opening splash page was an ad for the book Superman Unchained. More of this targeted at the percieved current audience as well as targeting new audiences in other places would work im sure and I would love to see it done.