Changing the tune.


In the stage of cryptic music lyrics such as “yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards”, it becomes hard to pinpoint where exactly the creativity, and the education of music became lost.

We are bringing it back.

Yes, we are.


I repeat, we, are bringing it back. Not the woman telling you that you look fab in that shirt. Not the man (gorgeous and hilarious as he may be) serving you coffee (well, actually maybe him). You and I and the team at the School of Music Online (SOMO).

Launching July 1st, we are bringing to you a creative, educational fully integrated learning module system where we can learn instrumental piano or violin.

Launching July 1st, SOMO is integrating an online syllabus, with quality teaching and an online examination board.

Launching July 1st, we are bringing…

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