About Me

My Name is Nic Musumeci Currently I am studying Mass Communication at QUT with majors in media and communication and television I also have electives in marketing research, integrated marketing communications, Entertainment marketing and marketing planning and research.

I’m a big pop culture fan I love film and TV but my true passion is comic books. I am a weekly reader of comic books but I also collect back issues of the Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers, Captain America and a few other Marvel series on a smaller scale. Spider-Man is my favourite character and if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t even be reading comic books. Whilst I do read series from DC, Dark Horse, Image and Vertigo Marvel is definitely my favourite company.

Whilst my passion lies with comic books I also love film and TV and this is where my passion for marketing comes in, I want to work in entertainment marketing specifically in Film and TV and if I could market the properties that have a comic book affiliation, especially if I worked at Marvel Entertainment then I would truly be working in my dream job. Due to my degree in mass communication my view on marketing focuses on the media side of things but I do have interests in especially branding and positioning as well as other facets of marketing including social media and digital.

Being realistic as well as the family and friends orientated person that I am I know that working in marketing in entertainment especially at the level I want to move to in the future will be difficult and may require me moving away from home. For me that would be a tough thing to do but if I received the opportunity to work at a company that I like, in a place that I like I would do it even if it was incredibly difficult moving away from my family and friends.

Above Is a Photo of me in Times Square surrounded by countless billboards and advertisements. Everywhere You look is something new it really is amazing to behold, and I hope one day to have something displayed there that I have had a hand in creating.


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