New Comics 17th and 24th of April

Hey everybody here are the new comics I have picked up over the last two weeks.



Hey everyone so I have been super absent as of late I know, but this is because I secured myself an Internship last week at an online music school its called School of Music Online (SOMO). So far we are working on getting a Kickstarter campaign up and running by the end of this week to raise funds for some new equipment thats needed to grow over the next few month before a new product is launched in July. The new product will be a second certified online course that will involve learning, completing challenges and then unlocking and playing a game. Anyone can subscribe to the service and learn, currently on the website the  first piano certificate is available. Ill probably post up the Kickstarter information once its up and running but for the moment everyone should head to the SOMO Facebook like the page and check out all the free lessons they currently have up on Youtube and start your musical journey.


Update on Myself

So everybody probably knows that I try to keep this blog reasonably professional and thats why my posting can be a bit scattered I try to get a few posts up each week but sometimes I have trouble getting into the right head frame. Whilst Im always thinking in Marketing and Advertising terms sometimes its a bit difficult to get my thoughts onto a page but im really trying my best because this blog and the writing is great practice for me and keeps my writing skills honed. So thanks for the patience everybody.