New Cap 2 Poster gets badass

I can just hear the rock music blasting in the background as they strut forward.


Three New Winter Soldier Character Posters




Whilst sites Like Bleeding Cool have said they think these are a bit too styalised and Idealised I have no real problem with the posters. I think they are well made marketing materials that capture the essence of each character, and come on its a superhero movie why cant they be styalised. Also on a side note I really Like the Black Widow poster it almost makes it feel as if she is the main character and not Cap its just generally more awesome.

Review: The Avengers Take to the Stars in Hickman’s Infinity Saga

A great review of Marvels Infinity event which I very much enjoyed both the review and the event.


Helmed by writer Jonathan Hickman, Infinity is the expansive event from Marvel Comics that saw the return of Thanos, the Mad Titan, to Earth. This six-issue series, penciled by rotating artists Jerome Opena, Dustin Weaver and Jim Cheung, is the culmination of three plotlines spanning several titles. The first plotline is the arrival of the Builders, which is the focus of Hickman’s Avengers, a highly-evolved species destroying every life-sustaining planet in their march toward Earth. The second is the wave of mysterious illnesses plaguing the galaxy, as teased in New Avengers and Nova. The third is the political ramifications of these events on the intergalactic community, which Guardians of the Galaxy deals with directly. Alternate perspectives of the event could also be seen in the pages of Avengers Assemble, Thunderbolts, and numerous other tie-ins.

All of these seemingly separate threads come together in Infinity, in…

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